How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business Survive During COVID 19

-By Unnati Shah

“Every company is a victim of Technological Darwinism, the development of customer behavior as culture and technology change faster than interactivity. None are modern download discriminatory. Every company is threatened.” If you have not already realized it, 2020 will is the year where many people are waking up to Artificial Intelligence (AI) domination. In the coming years, it is likely to be at the core zone of the global business world – and now it is taking on several easy workers. Most consumers like to communicate with chatbots because they respond 24/7, give timely responses, accurately remember all their purchase context, and never lose patience.

Such automated systems offer excellent customer support by satisfying the demands of clients and automating routine activities – so now you can focus on the important jobs. For instance- Cadbury’s developed a custom advertising campaign that matches a Dairy Milk flavour with users based on their social media profile details including age, interest and location. The campaign produced a click-through rate of 65 per cent as well as a conversion rate of 33.6 per cent, showing the work of personal contact.

Strategies that will help you grow during Covid-19

Currently, advertisers need to think past this circumstance to obtain a long-term perspective of the scene before they interrupt their digital marketing campaigns. Today almost double ever firm are spending their time online. The coronavirus outbreak is locking up a fifth of the world ‘s population, Web visits have grown by 50-70%.  Consequently, marketers need to be more vigilant when identifying their approach for digital media to consider innovative and responsive ways to connect during this period. 

For instance- HubSpot has various assistance initiatives and services have been implemented to help consumers and societies respond to these difficult times. Among them are new content series, reference data for marketing and advertising and a HubSpot platform for people to interact internationally with other like-minded professionals. Here are a few strategies you should keep in mind that will help you grow-

  • Advertise wisely

The creation of an emotional bond with customers is essential for brands and so the message should be usually chosen. Develop entertaining paying and organic content that is important and significant in these days. For instance- number of companies alter and rotate their logos to suggest social isolation. Sharing valuable knowledge regarding assignments or essential company advice in this situation will act as a bonus.

  • Take the right move, prevent the launching of goods

In the middle of such challenging times it is best not to announce new goods. Whether you are releasing the products / services by digital media does not matter, your actions can not contribute to positive outcomes and can negatively affect the brand identity.

  • Track growing customer habits

Monitor carefully how the buying behaviour is changing during these days. Nonetheless, the consumer purchasing behaviour could have changed their curiosity in goods and services and preferences from companies, expanding trends, as the world battles with Covid-19. Now you need to focus with and update your digital marketing campaigns, or labels.

Challenges faced during Covid-19

The destructive consequences of COVID-19 are concerned with all the large companies across the globe. 2020 has witnessed changes in the way businesses and organisations work in the aftermath of the lethal outbreak, from production to marketing. Here are a few challenges which industries or businesses would face-

  • Sales Decline in 2020

Because of the sudden spread of coronavirus, corporations and enterprises are suffering huge hits at the beginning of 2020, and the findings of our survey reveal that 86 percent predict sales to decline dramatically owing to the direct effects of the epidemic. The significant decline in sales would have a trickle-down impact on the economy as businesses continue to change their corporate plans in anticipation for an economic slowdown.


This is not irony to suggest that the pandemic has had a huge effect on the way corporations and organisations work through diverse sectors.  several executives are designing different approaches for planning for a post-coronavirus environment. In a post-coronavirus environment, planning would be crucial, and companies are now taking action to implement programs such as improved work-from – home skills, and efforts to minimize the harmful impacts of global pandemics.

  • Shifting Towards Remote Work

Despite policy controls in effect and the closure of non-essential facilities, several firms and organizations have switched to remote function to ensure that the coronavirus will not travel inside their enterprise and resume operating as normal. Nevertheless, several organisations remain unprepared for remote work and more concentrated on seeking collaboration resources rather than teaching people how to operate from home.


Organizations need to realize that this condition will not keep going and their company would not end. We need to maintain their brand identity because it could be more difficult to rebound later from losing momentum; that’s when digital media falls into the picture so remain confident next period to redefine your digital marketing strategy, improve your current relationships and create long-term trust in your customers and set yourself up for success after the crisis.

However, as leaders and respondents are hopeful that after the dust settles on covid-19, companies and customers should be able to return to work, there is a light in the tunnel.