Online Reputation Management – Understand Your Customer

-Riya Sen

Have you ever googled yourself?

If not, then do it now and check whether you can see a negative review or comment. If you do, then you should consider practicing online reputation management

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management (ORM) means you constantly track company references on web pages and social media to correct any derogatory or misleading statements.

ORM operates primarily by responding to derogatory client feedback online and reacting to media reports (social and traditional), which are poorly highlighted for your business.

It may involve jumping to Instagram or twitter to solve negative reviews or defamatory comments about your company.

Why does Online Reputation need to be managed?

 A company always receives good as well as bad reviews- the bad ones being more noticeable.

These hits need to be managed before they become a huge fire.

Although organized PR campaigns are definitely still in operation, customers are still looking to connect organically with businesses.

A direct message or an Instagram comment is appreciated by the consumers.

Online Reputation Management Strategies to Keep In Mind:-

Don’t avoid negative comments

By answering a negative comment the comment comes under people’s views – and no company would want to highlight the negatives. But Of the 82% of consumers who read online reviews, 97% also read the business’s responses. So giving an answer that solves the problem can be beneficial.

Stay on top of search results

Ideally, if your business name is searched, you want your business page to be shown first. The first page on the SERPs get 31% of all clicks, not all people bother going all the way to the 10th search result. A way to improve search results is by encouraging happy clients in their ranking reviews to provide positive feedback. It increases the overall ranking, as potential buyers see when they click to open each score.

Automate ORM

Save time using software that automates ORM activities rather than managing websites and social networks manually on your own.

Answer with Empathy

The best ORM often occurs prior to a negative review or statement. If customers ask questions, whether by directly sending messages or sharing on social media, you must respond immediately.

Of course. You need to have both offline and online in place for better results. So here are some strategies you can use for offline reputation management.

Offline Reputation Management Strategies to Keep In Mind:-

Word of Mouth

The first thing that comes to mind today is social media. Nevertheless, the actual word of the mouth when it is harnessed is far more effective. Connect offline with your clients. Give the experience consistent. Find these tiny but important ways to impress.

Appreciate the Customer

There are fantastic online coupons. But there is just anything to give our gratitude physical credibility. It interacts at a higher point. Give a friendly and/or helpful mail to your customers, like discounts, freebies, and many more.

Ask for Reviews/ Referrals Upfront

You show your contribution to good service by asking for the review beforehand. It sets the customer’s confidence that you will have outstanding service.

And At last, Manage Online Too

Your image is strongly interlinked online and offline. Your credibility online will lay the basis for offline interactions.

Just know “consumer is god”. Everything is done to please the customer so that they come back. Keeping a connection with them online and offline is very important.