Creating Engagement with

Email Marketing

  • Integrate Email marketing features on the website
  • Setup Corporate Email Accounts on verified platforms
  • Create & Manage Branded Email Campaigns
  • Email Automation on website, marketing channels & CRMs
  • Audience Segmentation & Targeted communication

Service Overview

How many times have you wished you would have a database of people who enquired about your products and services in your physical store, on your website or at an exhibition? What if you could talk to your customers in a personalized email & they remember you for life! This would result in more sales and eventually repeat business! We believe Email is one of the most important marketing channels for your business as you get a new sale on your website, e-commerce store or your new app at the lowest cost ever. While this sounds exciting, it’s important to set it up correctly.

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Your brand image is everything when setting up an email marketing infrastructure. Large companies like Amazon, Dell, Apple & many more do this really well & that is where we step in. Our experts analyse your needs, your business and your audience to come up with a robust solution that will fit your business goals.

Our Approach