Decisions with Data

Web Analytics

  • Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics Audit
  • Measurement Plan for your website
  • Website actions Intelligence
  • Reporting & Insights

Service Overview

You might spend a lot of money on marketing, which also drives traffic to your website. But you don’t know what your users are doing while they are on your website, what content are they reading, what products are they checking out and where they come from? Having an understanding of how people visit your website and fill out a lead enquiry form, purchase a product or chat with your sales executive helps you in focussing on channels that generate maximum sales & revenues for your business. 

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This is where we step in. We understand your website goals, your business goals and the actions people take to discover or find your website. This allows us to audit your website, identify what you should track and find gaps in your current website. Our implementation experts carefully study and identify opportunities that will enhance revenues for your business. We start setting up your Analytics account & then create a highly effective stream of reports that tell you your Audience, Advertising & Sales story!

Our Approach