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6 Ways of How Product Designing Affects Marketing

The modern marketer is constantly seeking ways to engage with the consumer, but more importantly, they want to make sure that their product or service has a clear, engaging story. The most effective way to do this is through design. We’ll take a look at why product design affects marketing and how it can improve your business.

1. It Affects The Return On Your Advertising

The design of a product affects the way people perceive your product, and interact with your product. It impacts its marketing strategy in many ways: it influences what kind of messages will be conveyed about an item (e.g., positive vs negative), how customers perceive those messages (e.g., as helpful vs unhelpful), which aspects of a message are emphasized over others (e.g., price vs benefits) – all these things have an impact on who purchases what you offer!

2. It Affects The Sales Floor Experience

  • It affects the sales floor experience.
  • It affects how you experience the product.
  • It affects how you feel about the product.
  • It affects how you feel about the brand, and how much money you spend on it in comparison to other brands with similar features and benefits (e.g., Apple vs Samsung).

3. It Affects The Effectiveness Of Word Of Mouth Advertising

When you’re talking about word of Mouth advertising, it’s essential to consider how your product looks. Design is important for the experience of using a product and building trust in the brand. It also helps build brand loyalty, resulting in higher conversion rates (the number of customers who actually buy something) and positive reviews from satisfied customers.

In order to be successful at marketing your business, you need to understand how design affects customer experiences with your products or services so that they feel like they had an enjoyable experience when interacting with them.

4. It Affects How You Approach Social Media

You’ve probably heard the phrase “first impressions count,” and while it may seem obvious to some, it’s an important concept to understand. When you launch your product or service on social media, your audience is first exposed to the design of what you’re offering—and that can make all the difference in how they view and interact with your brand.

The best way to tell stories about products or services is through visual storytelling. A well-designed website or app will help potential customers envision themselves using a product and feel confident in their purchase decision because they know exactly what each feature does (and doesn’t do). This makes customer engagement easier and more effective because people can see themselves using these products now rather than having them delivered later via email or snail mail (or worse yet—not knowing anything at all!).

5. Design Is Important For Marketing

Design is important for marketing because it makes products more appealing and memorable.

The first thing that makes a product stand out is its design, which attracts people to it. Design is what attracts customers, especially if they have not heard of the brand before or if they don’t know much about what the product can do. This can be seen in products like Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S phones where both companies put effort into making their models look cool and unique from their competitors’ products by using different colors for each model (iPhones come in black/white while Samsung uses blue colors). For example:

  • Apple has always been known as an innovator when it comes to technology so when someone sees an iPhone on screen they think “wow this looks awesome!” Then they go online and find out how amazing this phone really is!
  • When someone sees a Samsung Galaxy S phone they think “wow this looks great too!” Then they go online looking at reviews written by other people who have used these phones before hand so now we know what kind of features these phones have compared with other brands like Apple’s iPhones etc…

6. Design Is How You Communicate Your Product’s Story

Design is how you communicate your product’s story. It’s how you tell your customers what your product is, and why they should buy it. Good design makes the difference between a good and a great product.


Product design affects marketing in many ways. It affects the return on your advertising, the sales floor experience, how you approach social media, and more. While there are many ways that product design affects marketing, we’re going to focus on a few here: 

1) it affects the effectiveness of word of mouth advertising through better experiences for customers. 

2) it impacts how well you communicate your brand’s story to consumers.

3) it helps you create a memorable experience for customers when interacting with your brand.

4) it can even affect sales by influencing people’s perception about something before they make a decision about whether or not they want something from you!

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