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Ecommerce Management

E-Commerce is the process of buying or selling products/services through monetary or data transactions over the internet. E-commerce is what we experience when we shop online.

It includes:

Marketplace Account Creation
Online Inventory Management
Multi-channel Sales Reporting
Marketplace Selling Strategies

What It Does -

E-commerce generates revenues by acquiring customers & adding brand value by setting up an easy, low-cost & low-risk online store that runs 24*7/365.

What We Do -

Our experts analyse your needs, your business and your audience to come up with a robust solution that will fit your business goals.

Our E-commerce service suite ensures you get online in a seamless way without having to go through the trouble of talking to hundreds of e-commerce executives & hours of tele conversations.

Want to get your business to sell online? Ecommerce marketing is the act of driving awareness and action toward a business that sells its product or service electronically. Ecommerce marketers can use social media, digital content, search engines, and email campaigns to attract visitors and facilitate purchases online.

Want to get your business online but have no idea about the things ecommerce offers?

Role of Ecommerce Management

In the emerging global economy, eCommerce has increasingly become a vital component of business strategy and a solid catalyst for growing business. From startups to small and medium-sized businesses right through to huge brands have benefited from their own online store, where they can sell their own products/services.

  1. It creates huge value as it helps to acquire customers and brand value.
  2. It helps you to reduce your costs and go global.
  3. It helps to broaden your brand and expand your business with very little overheads and risks.
  4. It offers an online store that remains open 24*7/365 offering better market exposure and revenues.

Want to create a simple, sophisticated & One-stop solution to handle your e-commerce business needs?

This is where we step in.

Our Approach

Our E-commerce service suite takes away this pain and anxiety and ensures you get online in a seamless way without having to go through the trouble of talking to hundreds of e-commerce executives & hours of tele-conversations.

  1. Analyze & Audit: We analyze the specifics and goals of your business, then give our ideas on how to increase your effectiveness.
  2. Research & Plan: With your choice of products and your niche, we plan a strategy suiting this niche. Depending on the niche you choose, we conduct research for testing its validity and determining if it’s a space you can do well and compete in.
  3. Execute & Implement: We help in marketplace account creation, catalog management, online inventory management, multi-channel sales reporting, and marketplace selling strategies.

So, to add value to every stage of your e-commerce business, we are here for you!

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Service Plans
  • Basic

  • INR 15,000 Per Month
    • Store creation on any 3 marketplaces
    • Listing management
    • Channel Support & Troubleshooting
    • Order Management
    • Monthly P&L Reporting
    • Weekly Performance updates
    • SEO Compliant product uploads
    • Manage / Participate in Deals
    • Real-time inventory sync with all Marketplaces
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  • Level 2

  • INR 25,000 Per Month
    • Everything in Basic +
    • Store creation on unlimited platforms
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • E-commerce Ad Management
    • Category & SKU Research
    • Product upload Brief creation
    • Photography Brief creation
    • 10% Discount on EBC Planning
    • 10% Discount on Photography Services
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  • Addon Services

  • INR xx,xxx Per Month
    • Product Photography
    • Explainer photos
    • Sequential Photos
    • Catalog Photography
    • Basic Photography
    • Product Video
    • Product Uploads
    • Product Content Writeup
    • SKU Mapping
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