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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to the use of social media and social networks to market a company’s products and services.

It includes:

Account Setup
Brand Conversation & Tracking
Social Integration & Analytics
Ad A/C Management & Optimization

What It Does -

Social media marketing provides a way to engage with existing customers and reach new ones.

What We Do -

We understand your business needs, your social media environment, your competition & come up with a killer strategy to meet your goals.

The combination of understanding of the algorithm, our sophisticated tool stack & more importantly our Social media experts make sure your brand has a sound social media presence & you keep growing from strength to strength.

Want to make your brand social? In today’s era of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and others where news or a brand goes viral socially before hitting the news channel, it is apparent that your most important customers are spending their time on social media channels scrolling down their timelines, liking, commenting, and sharing posts.

Unfortunately, most brands are clueless about the fact that being a star player on social media is the need of the hour!

Role of Social Media Marketing

A well-planned and executed social media strategy, will not only get your brand the required recognition but will also establish trustworthiness along with increased levels of customer service and satisfaction. It will help you to increase revenue through eCommerce and will help you to become a part of the zeitgeist.

Here are some interesting statistics –

74% of consumers base their purchase decisions on the content they see on Social media platforms.

64% of social media users are more inclined to purchase from brands that engage directly with them.

Ever thought of engaging with your target audience by getting your business a social presence?

Skillwise can help you get your social media game right!

Our Approach

We basically answer the three main questions for you –

  1. Where to be?: We recognize and understand the platform your target audience is on. Depending upon the nature of your business, we create and publish content that will facilitate direct sales.
  2. What to say?: Since every platform is built differently, people enter the platforms with different mindsets to consume different kinds of content. We study the nature and form of your target audience and put out the right kind of content on the right platform.
  3. When to say?: It is important to know when your customers are in front of their screens and are more likely to absorb the content targeted to them. We decide the right time to make the content live by studying analytics, pattern identification, and research.

All in all, social media strategy is more than uploading a picture or putting out catchy one-liners. It is the combination of the content format, the timing, the tone, identification of upcoming trends, etc. Syncing and placing everything in place is a tedious job and dedicating time to handle this is difficult. Especially You – who have a business to run.

Which is why we are here for you!

We provide end-to-end support for your social media strategy and implementation making your social media baggage free. We will sit down with you to understand your brand and come up with a strategy to leverage social media.

Are you ready to make your Brand a Social Media Star?

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Service Plans
  • Standard

  • INR 7,500 Per Month
  • → Setup channels
    → Publish Posts
    → Reporting
    → Channel Support
    → Maintenance

    Platforms Covered: FB + Insta + LinkedIn

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  • Level 2

  • INR 10,000 Per Month
  • Everything in Standard Plan +
    → 8 Social Posts
    → 1 Reel
    → 1 Monthly Reporting

    Platforms Covered: FB + Insta + LinkedIn + Twitter + YouTube

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  • Level 3

  • INR 12,500 Per Month
  • Everything in Standard Plan +
    → 12 Social Posts
    → 2 Reels
    → Weekly/Monthly Reporting

    Platforms Covered: FB + Insta + LinkedIn + Twitter + YouTube

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  • Level 4

  • INR 15,000 Per Month
  • Everything in Standard Plan +
    → 16 Social Posts
    → 2 Reels
    → Weekly/Monthly Reporting

    Platforms Covered: FB + Insta + LinkedIn + Twitter + YouTube

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  • Level 5

  • INR 20,000 Per Month
  • Everything in Standard Plan +
    → 20 Social Posts
    → 3 Reels
    → Weekly/Monthly Reporting

    Platforms Covered: FB + Insta + LinkedIn + Twitter + YouTube

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  • Premium

  • INR 25,000 Per Month
  • Everything in Standard Plan
    Unlimited Content
    Social Media Strategy & Scheduling
    Social Ad Management
    Custom reporting
    Insights & Reporting

    Brand Consultation

  • Buy Now
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