Top 6 Digital Marketing Hacks to Boost Your Leads

Okay, a quick question to all our readers. How many digital ads do you come across while you are using the internet? According to recent Google statistics research, Google AdWords serves an average of 29,741,270,774 impressions per day (nearly 30 billion!). This is just about Google. Imagine, what will the number be like if we...
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Top 6 Digital Marketing Tools for Start-ups

To venture into a new business, start it up, and then make it work can be a tedious job in today’s competitive world. Some make it big. However, the statistics say, most of the start-ups fail despite continuous efforts.Let us see why a business or a start-up fails?There can be numerous reasons as to why...
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Use of Digital Marketing for Online Marketplaces

-Riya Sen There has never been a better time for ecommerce. Given the pandemic induced global slowdown, ecommerce has offered a lifeline for both businesses and consumers across the world to continue some semblance of a normal life during the toughest lockdowns. The fear of the virus got even the most conservative shoppers and those...
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5 Ways to Use VPN in Digital Marketing

-Rohan Tiwary When more than 90 percent of the money spent on digital banners is lost and up to 69 percent of the content of websites passes unseen, advertisers claim that 26 percent of their ad budget is misused. With digital marketing budgets reaching up to $332.84 billion in 2020, marketing departments around the world...
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NEW Instagram

Top 4 NEW Instagram Updates for 2021

-Riya Sen Instagram has grown to be more than just a photo sharing social media platform over the years. It has become one of the most powerful channels for businesses to tap into their target audience, across different industries. In fact, this popular social media network has introduced several new features recently. 1. Instagram Shopping...
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Content Gap

4 Steps to Conducting a Content Gap Analysis

-Evita Godinho Content gap analysis is more than merely combing through your blog posts to see if you’re missing out on any juicy content suggestions. There is a straightforward step-by-step method for identifying obvious content gaps and filling the holes in your content strategy. 1. Map Out Your Buyer’s Journey What moves does the target...
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Social Commerce

How Social Commerce is redefining India’s E-commerce Ecosystem

-Riya Sen India’s social commerce industry, which today has a gross merchandise value (GMV) market of $1.5 to $2 billion; has the potential to grow to $16 to $20 billion in just five years. The convergence of e-commerce has become enormous in our everyday lives. If you have a smartphone and an internet connection, either...
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Types of Content

Types of Content that Engage Social Media Users

-Evita Godinho The easiest way to discover the types of content that can make your social media followers more active is to publish and consistently monitor different types of content to see what works best. Is the viewer reacting well to ties to outside articles? Pictures of activities in the company? Video?   The easiest...
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5 D's

What Are the 5 D’s of Digital Marketing?

-Riya Sen To unlock the full potential of your online marketing strategy, knowing what the 5 D’s of digital marketing are and how to make use of them is crucial. In simple terms, through electronic means, digital marketing is a marketing strategy. It enables you to reach and connect to a wide range of areas...
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