Why Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing?

-Unnati Shah

Marketing is the element of the enterprise you could never ignore. A prudent entrepreneur will set aside a separate marketing budget. The thing is, we live in an age where a significant part of the population does just electronic purchases and another portion does not even know how to use the network. And it is impossible to make the traditional vs. digital marketing choice. You could also think things through and make online advertising vs. traditional advertising decision.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is the traditional marketing techniques which have been utilized since marketing and publicity started. It entails:

  • Radio, Television.
  • Diary, Magazine.
  • Television, Radio.
  • Through bridges and highways,posters, banners.
  • Ads in monthly newspapers linked to these.

What is Digital Marketing?

The marketing strategy of the global village is internet or web marketing. It is only apparent that the New Marketing age requires Social media channels such as:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Business networking platforms such as LinkedIn.
  • Ads promoted through emails.
  • Pay for the pop-ups.
  • Blogging

Clickbait links for the video marketing. In every perspective of life, the Internet will have its impact.

5 Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing-

• Lower expense –

Newspaper advertisements, television ads and the likes cost a great deal. On the other hand, internet ads are something that even young entrepreneurs can afford out of some earned up money, so, thanks to the reasonable price for online marketing, even school-goers will have a startup. This in turn helps to broaden the marketing span across age and financial services boundaries.

• Product growth –

This is important to calculate internet marketing vs. traditional advertisement figures, but one thing such numbers do not take into consideration as applied to web ads vs. traditional advertising is the brand identity that online advertising generates; that is mostly because digital marketing easily dominates that segment; due to the restricted room and volume of advertising of traditional ads.

• No interruption-

You will opt to miss Advertising. Online ads vs. traditional advertisement has several small but critical variations to address such as- ad choice alternative. For traditional ads, as you are waiting to board the bus, flyers are given to you. A TV ad pops out on loop going straight into your beloved TV show\’s very fascinating story twist.

• Simple to evaluate-

You immediately know what is successful for you with online marketing and what is not that Google Analytics. The inbound traffic, bounce rate, exchange rate, benefit; and general pattern of engaged audience can be calculated in real time. This allows people who use internet marketing to keep one major step ahead of people who focus on traditional marketing.

• Strategy Modification-

The very point of achieving results and analytics is to be able to follow up in real time. If you learn how things go down, you will have a chance to change them from poor to decent to perfect. You get online data nearly immediately from Google Analytics and make the requisite changes. It will be too late for conventional figures to allow the practical approaches improve on time.


Now that we understand exactly what the traditional versus digital marketing speculation has revealed for us; we can agree that online marketing is winning yet mainstream marketing is also important for the already conventional audience itself; therefore a smart combination of traditional vs. online marketing, enabled by a good online advertising analysis vs. traditional advertising statistics; will get your brand where you want it to be.
Internet marketing vs conventional marketing controversy is old; but there is no doubt that internet marketing will help you grow your profits without putting a dent in your pocket. Compared to traditional marketing the risk in the digital system is smaller.

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