5 Reasons Online Reviews are Essential for Your Brand

-Riya Sen

With convenient access to the internet, the way people shop for almost everything today has fundamentally changed.

Without reading a variety of online reviews, buying is rarely made blindly from mobile phones to dental services. At least one online review read 90 per cent of shoppers in 2016 before deciding to visit a business.

Most notably, 94% of online shoppers said they had been persuaded by a negative review to stop business visits.

This means you have some main benefits, regardless of what your business is, having a positive online presence is why it is becoming an integral part of branding.

Understanding why online review is required can allow you to improve your client experience in order to build a positive online picture. Review all seven reasons why the experiences with your brand published by your consumers are significant.

1. Social Proof Drives Purchases

We are more likely to buy if other people around us – including complete strangers – think it is a good idea. The main source of social proof today is online feedback and it has a direct effect on sales.

Seriously Silly Socks, for example, was able to offer an order value 60% higher than its other distribution outlets on the website of Silly and the 3,000 five star rating that fills the numerous product pages of the ecommerce platform probably has added a lot.

\”We promote email feedback by customers following transactions and offer a discount voucher in exchange for a completed review,\” Andrew Gill, the business owner, recently revealed to BigCommerce a case study interview.

\”It was a huge improvement from the beginning of our trip to sell directly from our store and our dependency on shopping networks has been reduced. Feedback from customers generates the \”social faith\” which encourages other visitors to purchase.

2. They Make You More Visible

As a profitable brand, you are a noticeable brand as well.

When choosing what to purchase, most shoppers will look at search engines such as Google and Bing or even FaceBook. All these websites have their own unique ways to index and show material, but they value original, fresh content and the feedback from customers will certainly help fuel the content machine, while retaining an algorithm of your brand.

Online customer reviews give you a consistently positive material, which the search engines highly value when selecting the return results.

When you are higher, your website appears to be an expert in your industry that contributes to increased knowledge visibility, both for algorithms and individuals.


3. They Make You Look Trustworthy

One of the most important results from recent studies is how effective evaluations construct the online identity of your organisation.

Many shoppers fear companies with scores below four stars (or even above). This provides a slight margin of error at the top, but businesses with a higher average score are much more likely to get traffic and sales views converted.

The way customers talk about you is just as critical as saying your name. With a very positive footprint, you can boost more sales.

4. They Expand the Conversation About You

Several good (or bad) reviews will spread rapidly.

It is a simple way to increase the scope of your brand to inspire customers to evaluate your business.

If you are well aware that your reviews are more likely to be posted on other platforms like Yelp, FourSquare and TripAdvisor, even external platforms.

These hub sites are important for your online presence, because when building their own results, Google gathers data from their sites. Positive reviews may also help drive forward further reviews on an individual basis.

For instance, Search Impact Agency teamed up with GetFiveStars for the first 100 five star ratings in just five months to hit patients of Houston-based orthopaedic surgeon Dr. K. Mathew Warnock.

When these reviews were published on the website of Warnock, it not only increased its traffic organic search by 23% but also bubbed up to submit more reviews of sites such as Google+, Facebook and Healthgrade.

Checking on the website is always beneficial; but satisfied consumers will share their opinions in as many sites as possible to maximize their multi-channel presence.

5. They Are Increasingly Essential to Decision Making

A proactively grown brand is one that improves your exposure online and today it allows people to speak to you in many ways. Social media are a wonderful tool; but it is a key component in your presence to allow consumers to speak to you on other platforms.

Nearly 2/3 of shoppers agree that online reviews are an integral factor in decision-making. If you want to know where you can find yourself better than in a newspaper; or even your friends and family, you can turn to Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.

By focussing on the production of a steady stream of feedback; the brand appears more likely when consumers decide to buy.

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