9 Things To Keep In Mind While Writing Any Content

Want to publish great content that generates traffic, boosts leads, and gets shared on social? Content writing can be quite difficult. There are so many businesses investing in content writing but they feel it\’s only somewhat effective. That’s why we created this guide to show you how to create high-quality content that is:

  • Easy to read and be interpreted by people
  • What your audience is searching for
  • Reflects your brand
  • SEO friendly which could be tracked by search engines

Here Are The 9 Things That You Should Keep In Mind While Writing Any Content:

1. Craft A Compelling Headline:


All the visitors viewing your blog would decide whether to read it further or not by reading the headline. If your headline doesn\’t captivate them, they are not going to read your blog. So it is essential to write a headline that compels the audience to read the entire blog.

Your headline should be searchable i.e. it must contain keywords that your audience might be searching for.

Your headline should be clickable i.e. it should be interesting enough to make the audience want to read it.

2. Hook Readers With An Interesting Intro:


You can\’t expect the readers to stick around if your introduction doesn\’t grab their attention. After writing a compelling headline the next step is to write an equally compelling intro so that the audience would want to read the blog further. 

Different ways to write an introduction are:

  • Highlighting the problem
  • Tell readers what to expect
  • Explaining benefits
  • Start with question
  • Voice out your opinion

3. Write For Your Audience:


Write the content that your audience wants to read. Do audience research, find out what kind of blogs your audience is more engaging in, and then choose the right topic to write a blog. 

If your niche audience are designers then you could write blogs giving tips about graphic designing, designing and illustration apps, etc.

4. Write In Your Unique Brand Voice:


While writing any content for your company, keep in mind the mission and vision and values of your company, and make sure what you write resonates with your brand\’s culture. If you have more than one writer, then make sure the brand voice of the company is clarified among them all so that the articles are of the same voice. 

For instance, Coca-Cola’s voice is optimistic, informal and relies on the concepts of friendship, happiness and joy. Now imagine the same voice used by a brand like Apple. Would it work out? Apple’s been the company to look up to in terms of setting themselves apart from their competition. Its brand voice conveys confidence, quality and intimacy. They voice their brand in such a way to make the users owning their products feel welcome and spoiled.

So to set yourself apart from the competition, find the niche of your brand, research who your audience is, find a unique voice for your brand and use the same in communicating and writing all your content.

5. Leverage keywords:


Find out what your audience is searching for in the search engines and write your content around it. You can also use the keyword research tool by ubersuggest to see which keywords have high search volumes. Make sure you add the keyword phrases in your headlines, subheads, and content for better search visibility.

6. Use Proper Spelling, Grammar And Punctuation:


Make sure your article is free of any grammatical or spelling errors. Once you complete the writing proofread it, to verify that the article is clean and well-written. A clean and well-written content enhances the quality of your blog and can be trusted more by the audiences. The better the grammar, the clearer your message. On the contrary, the article won\’t be trusted if it is sloppy and has lots of errors.

7. Watch Out Your Formatting:


Writing in one single paragraph for the entire blog is quite boring and people tend to skim the article or skip it entirely. So write in subheadings and bullet points to break down the long passage and also include images to make the blog more appealing.

8. Include Images:


Images make the blog more visually appealing. So include relevant images wherever necessary to give your content more insights and make it interesting for your readers.

9. Don’t Forget To Include A CTA:


Call to action (CTA) is very essential in order to grow your company. So the content writer should also make sure to place the CTAs wherever necessary for an improved ROI and meeting marketing deadlines.

Different Types of CTAs for blog includes:

  • Blog subscription CTA
  • Comment-below style blog CTA
  • Free trial CTA
  • Call now CTA
  • Book now CTA
  • Buy now CTA
  • View more CTA
  • Connect on social CTA

Now that you know the steps for writing amazing content, start writing. You could also get professional assistance from Skillwise Solutions to help you with Content Creation. Click here to know more about our services. And for more useful hints and tips about content creation and digital marketing check out our blogs, where you’ll find plenty of practical advice and industry secrets waiting for you.

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