Social Media and SEO. Does Social Media Improve your Rankings?

What is Social Media SEO?

Social media SEO refers to your activities on social media that leads to an increase in your website’s organic traffic through search engines.

Social media is important for SEO as it makes your SEO activities effective and worthwhile. Although Social Media doesn\’t directly assist in search engine rankings, there’s no doubt they help each other.

Your brand/business may get more exposure through the links shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. But these links do not act as a ranking indicator as per Google and Bing\’s algorithm.

Even though social media is not a ranking factor, it does have a positive effect on search rankings.

So there is an unmistakable relation between the website\’s rank in SERPs and the number of social signals i.e. likes, shares, and views of social media posts it has.


Reason why you should up your Social Media Game – 

Social media plays an indirect role in helping people find your brand in search engine results.

Do you know the number of Social Media users? Yep, it\’s 4.48 billion. So why not tap into these users to increase the organic traffic for your website?

It is very necessary to plan an effective social media strategy along with an SEO plan to increase organic traffic.

This is how Social Media helps in building SEO –  

1. Social Media Content Gets Indexed:


The content posted on social media gets crawled by search engine spiders and gets indexed. But that doesn\’t mean all your content would be indexed. Only the relevant image, tweet, video is found by the search engine.

When you create and publish quality content on social media, the chances of those creative appearing on search engines increases as you have offered something of value to your target audience.

So now your content would be liked and shared by your audience and the same would be followed by their followers. This would create a chain and it will continue to get more likes and shares.

In short, If your post gets a lot of attention on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform it will get indexed by search engines at a quicker pace.

Not only this, if you search for a company’s name, you will find most of the top results of social media pages of that company.

2. Social Media Helps In Building Quality Links That Would Increase Your Domain Authority:


Backlinks are Google’s one of the most important ranking factors. The quality and the number of backlinks affect how your site would rank. So how would Social Media help you to get more links?

When you post good content on social media, it gets a high number of shares and the chances to get noticed by the audience increases. The more you publish good-quality content the higher would be your engagements and backlinks.

As you keep publishing excellent content and gain more relevant backlinks, your domain authority keeps growing.

For instance, if you create content about Cooking and get backlinks from blogs that specifically write about Food, you get more credibility from Google and other search engines. Thus, your Domain Authority would also increase.

3. Build a Strong Audience And Knowing What They Want:


Social Media helps you in building your online presence. It helps you connect with your target audience, which is ready to listen to you and buy your product/service.

Nowadays, most brands/businesses have an online presence. So you must find which social media platforms your target audience are present the most and leverage that platform.

Today, the way the keywords are researched for SEO strategy is changing. Finding and selecting the right set of keywords that your audience is searching for is of utmost importance. For that, it is really important to understand the audience\’s intent. 

Through Social Listening you can learn your audience\’s needs and wants. By keeping a track of them on Social Media and looking into what types of groups they are following and the type of conversation they take part in, you can get insights on them.

By knowing your audience you can make the content according to their needs and wants, this would give the search engines the result that your audience is looking for.

4. Increase The Number of Branded Searches:


Consistent and regular updates of relevant content on social media helps the audience to recognize your brand. This would create brand awareness of who you are and what your business is. By doing so you will have more people searching for your brand.

The number of clicks on your content in SERPs would increase once your audience comes to know about your brand. And as click-through rates are an important factor for ranking in search engines, the more clicks your content would get the chances of ranking higher and getting more visibility would become high.

5. Tap Into Local Search:


Local SEO is very essential for SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) businesses. So if you are an SME business do not miss the opportunity of updating your every profile with your current address, phone number, company name, etc. 

As Google gives results of the search based on the location. So if you are searching for a Digital Agency it would show the results of all the Digital Agencies nearby you. 

Have the same information of address, phone number, company name across all profiles, which should also match with the information on your website. By doing so, you may experience higher rankings and might reach more potential customers. By keeping the address the same, it gives Google the information that you are credible.

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