8 Best Practices for Building your E-commerce Website

It is very important to have a firm online presence if you are having a business selling tangible products.

Once you have built your e-commerce site, the next step should be to design and build it in a way that would help you get more conversions. 

As there are a large number of e-commerce platforms and websites online it is difficult to stand out amongst your competitors. So, in order to up your game, you need to provide your consumers with a well-organized and efficient online shopping experience.

So here are 8 Best Practices that you must follow while building your E-Commerce Website:

1. Promising Homepage:


The first thing that the visitors would see while coming to your page is the homepage. Make sure that your homepage is attractive and captivates the visitors to hold on to your site.

Secondly, add the value proposition of your product in a concise way that best describes your product such that visitors are encouraged to shop.

Also, do not forget to add an action button wherever needed.

2. Simplify your Menus:


Menus are used to group and organize the products in a way that visitors could locate what they are looking for. It makes the navigation of your website simple.

So try not to overcomplicate it. Keep it as simple as possible.

Keep your categories short to not confuse the customers.

For example, let’s say your e-commerce brand sells Luggage bags, you can list your category as:

  • Hardside luggage
  • Softside Luggage
  • Duffle Bags

And accordingly, place the products in these categories.

3. Search Bar:


The search bar is extremely important for any E-commerce site. The customers can directly search for what they are looking for instead of going through menus. 

To make it more user-friendly you can make sure that when a user scrolls down the page, the search bar also scrolls down with it. So that when a customer scrolls down the website to view the products, they do not need to go back up the page to search for something. This would also simplify the navigation of your website.

4. Display High-Quality Product Images:


Pixel-perfect product images are very important in E-commerce. Research says that the quality of product images is the most important feature while shopping online, followed by alternative views and zoom.

For example, uploading the perfect angle, quality, and design of the product images for one of our clients, Shubh Kart, along with a neat e-commerce page setup, led to a boost in its sales by 2x, i.e., the sales doubled.

5. Informative Product Descriptions:


Would you buy anything online if there is no information about the product by just reading the name?

Each product on your website needs to have an informative description. Keep it short and simple as no one would want to read large blocks of text. 

Give information about the size, color, material, benefits, any special features, etc.

6. Big, Bold, Contrast-in-Color Add-to-Cart Buttons:


A big, bold, and contrast-in-color CTA button would grab the viewer\’s attention and make them want to click it.

Make sure to place the CTA button close to your product and is large and easily visible.

7. Customer Reviews and Testimonials:


In this fast-paced digital world, many customers still have trust issues in shopping online. So, uploading the customer reviews and testimonials would add credibility to your product.

When a customer buys something you can send them a follow-up mail to give feedback about the product they bought. 

The reviews and testimonials on the site will guarantee the shoppers that you are trustworthy and legitimate.

8. Keep the Check-out Procedure as Simple as Possible:


Make sure to eliminate any additional steps in the check-out process as each additional step increases the chances of the shopper dropping the transaction. 

Also, keep as many payment options as possible because not everyone has a Visa or MasterCard. Your e-commerce site must accept alternative payment options such as PayPal and Apple Pay, etc.

Implement these best practices on your e-commerce website to boost up your sales and improve your customer experience. You can also read 8 Top Strategies to Grow Your E-commerce Website to Grow your e-commerce business.

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