7 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Site Should Have Blog

Many articles suggest businesses to have blogs but very few messages are directed to the E-commerce business. The majority of E-commerce websites do not have a business blog.

Do Blogs Boost Your E-commerce Website Traffic?

Blogs are elemental for the content to be crawled by search engine spiders. 

Through many links and content, the search engine spiders can reach many interconnected pages. As blogs contain links, specific keywords, and content relevant to your e-commerce site, they could assist in getting your content crawled more effectively.

Every time you post a blog it gets indexed by search engines and would eventually drive more traffic to the site.

Here are 7 Reasons why your E-commerce Site should have a Blog –

1.  Search Engine Optimization


Blogs are one of the most effective and free methods of driving more traffic to your E-commerce website. It would help your e-commerce website to rank higher on the search engines for the keywords searched most relevant to your product. It would also increase your website’s content, and the more content you have, the more it would get indexed on SERPs.

2. Proves Industry Expertise


These days consumers are not only using online platforms for shopping but also to gain knowledge about the product, watch tips and tricks videos, product demos, how-to’s content, updates about your Business, get industry news, etc. 

So, by posting the blogs which cover these topics you are creating shareable and engaging content for your audiences, which in turn would increase your credibility and brand yourself as an industry expert.

3. Assist in Internal and External Link Building


Links are the way to increase your rankings in search engines and blogs could help you in building Internal and External links. 

Linking your blog content with your products and working on increasing links with higher ranking non-competitor websites will increase your page and site\’s authority. This would in turn boost your SEO.

4. Engages Your Audience and Create an Online Community


Posting regularly by giving relevant and interesting content to your audience would encourage them to engage with it by commenting on the blog posts and sharing it to social media or with others. 

Always respond to any questions or queries asked in the comments, it would give them a sense of belonging and could turn them into a loyal audience who reads your content regularly. Thus, blogs can help you in building an online community for your business to whom you could make your company announcements, send promotional emails, etc.

5. Boosts Your Conversion Rates


Your E-commerce blog would help you not only drive more traffic to your website but also increase sales. You can add the links of your products directly to your blog which would reduce the hassle of searching it on the website. 

Also by adding blogs that are informative and relevant to your business would increase your credibility and will give the users more confidence and trust in buying your products.

6. Supports Social Media Networking


You can add blog posts for your social media having the link of your blog added to your posts and captions, and also add stories with the link of your blog. 

Add a share button on your blog from where the users could share the blog on their social media which would help to increase your visibility.

Also add social media links buttons that would link back to your social media accounts, which is very essential in social media networking as there is a potential for you to get more followers and likes.

7. Most Cost-effective And Easy Way To Promote Your Product


Don\’t have a huge marketing budget? No need to worry as blogging is the most cost-effective way of producing engaging content and getting traffic to your site with very little money. 

The blogs also allow E-commerce businesses to feature new, top-selling, or products that need a \’boost\’ due to a dip in sales. What you\’ll need is a good content writer who can smartly place the links of products in the blogs and articles, thus driving the customers to the products page.

Now that you know the importance of blogs in your E-commerce website, start writing a few related to your business. You can also get professional help in E-commerce Management from us.

For more useful hints and tips about digital marketing check out our blogs, where you’ll find plenty of practical advice and industry secrets waiting for you.

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