Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

With new changes and developments in technology, every year we see new trends taking the digital world by storm. Earlier this year we saw the influence of NFTs and cryptocurrencies digitally. So, to keep up with the technology, businesses and brands must keep an eye on new and exciting trends and learn how to use them to their advantage.

Here are 10 digital marketing trends to keep a watch on in 2022 and how to leverage them for your business.

1. Facebook Metaverse


Facebook is betting big on metaverse, which is essentially a merging of virtual, augmented, and physical reality, and blurs the line between your interactions online and in real life.

Metaverse could be the future of the Internet although it might take a good amount of time for it to actualize in a full-fledged way. It can be a very costly project for tech companies wanting to expand themselves on metaverse.

Marketers could start to look for opportunities to market their business in this space.

2. Push Notifications


Push Notifications has been driven into digital marketing trends due to two reasons –

a. With the overuse of email marketing, it\’s become quite difficult to get in touch with customers through emails.

b. The use of mobile phones is increasing these days with people spending most of their time on mobile. The customers spend their time online searching for brands, using social media, or shopping. They are also allowing the brands to send them push notifications to get in touch with them.

Push Notifications must be sent at a certain limit. Make sure to not send too many notifications to the customers that they would unsubscribe.

3. Website Gets Faster


With Google launching core web vitals, the speed of the website has become ever more important.

Even though high traffic to the website comes from mobile, most websites are still not mobile optimized.

You need to make sure that your website is well optimized for a better customer experience.

4. Social Commerce


Social Commerce is selling your products directly on social media.

Social Commerce has been in working for many years, but it has bloomed in recent years and is predicted to grow. Customers have now started to buy directly from social media, and it is going to be mainstream for marketing. 

Brands have started to leverage influencer marketing, which has also bloomed because of social media. With not much competition in social commerce, and users spending most of their time scrolling through social media it is a perfect marketplace to sell your products. 

5. Voice Search


With growing technology voice search is going to continue to be a major influence on how brands create content and market themselves online.

Google has reported that 27% of the online global population is using voice search.

With smart speakers like Alexa and Siri which were one of the first in the industry, now with improved technology, there are many new technologies like Google Home and Apple Homepad coming into the picture.

6. AI Based Automation


AI is the major technology behind voice search and smart assistants. You would now see chatbots on most of the websites, which is because of AI.

As AI helps in reducing the menial work in Digital Marketing, marketers could focus more on the strategic aspects. But still, keep in mind that human touch is also important. So you must use AI to enhance your efforts and not replace the people behind them.

7. Video Marketing


Research says that video will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022. With Instagram launching reels and YouTube launching shorts, people are spending more time engaging with video content. So if you are not utilizing your space in video start doing it now.

8. Strategic Marketing Transformation


As artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning take away a lot of menial work of digital marketers, they must focus on becoming more strategic. They must look through the data and see what\’s driving the growth of their business and think strategically to make future marketing plans.

9. Story Driven Content


A good story not only has a powerful impact on its audience but also gets affection and trust from the audience. It builds an emotional connection with the audience because interactivity is an essence.

Take the example of Cadbury, this Diwali, the company came out with an advertisement, ‘Not Just a Cadbury Ad’ featuring Shah Rukh Khan as the brand ambassador of small, local businesses that suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic. The campaign won hearts of many small and local businesses and was a huge success as it depicted a story of Shah Rukh Khan buying from local vendors and stores. The advertisement urges people to do the same to help the affected small vendors across the country. 

10. Featured Snippets in Google Search


With the growth of mobiles and voice search, people are changing the way they search on Google. Being the first on Search Engine’s Results Page (SERP) is no longer necessary and should not be the primary aim of any business.

Featured Snippets are a brief excerpt from the web page that appears on the Google search results to answer the person\’s query.

Although techniques to get on featured snippets of google works differently than SEO, marketers must try to figure it out. If you are one of the first in your industry to get zero results it would give you a good advantage over your competitors.

So here are the Digital Marketing trends for 2022, which you could use to plan your marketing strategy for 2022. Understand the needs of your audience, which channels you could use to communicate with them and strategize your plan accordingly.

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