8 Tips For Creating Effective Visual Content For Social Media

In social media, anything that you notice is most likely a visual, be it the profile image, logo, banner/cover photo, or posts.

There\’s no doubt that social media posts with good visual content perform well. As it is found in recent studies that human brains could process the images 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, visual content is an important element for grabbing the attention of your audience.

Now that you know the importance of visual content, want to know how to create epic visuals?

Here are the 8 Tips for Creating Effective Visual Content for your Social Media –

1. Make Consistent Visual Content For All Your Social Profiles


All your visuals must align with your brand’s typography, elements, and colors. The more your viewers are exposed to your brand elements, the more likely they recognize your brand. 

It would also make your social media profile look aesthetic and help you to build brand identity.

2. Use Correct Image Sizes


Each social media platform has its own set of dimensions for its images, stories, reels, and videos. So, if you are using the same dimension for stories, posts, reels, etc. for all platforms it will result in some images being pixelated, blurry, or cut off.

So, before creating the visuals make sure that you are using the right dimensions for each type of post with respect to the platform.

3. Get Creative With Videos


Another visual content type that gives a lot of engagement is videos. Users spent a weekly average of 6 hours and 48 minutes watching online videos. 

With new trends on reels coming up every day, find out which trend goes best with your business/brand, get creative with it or start with your own trend.

4. Use Infographics


An infographic is a visual way of gathering the data which transforms the dull format into an eye-catching, engaging design. They turn numbers and figures into easily digestible content.

The feature is priceless as infographic visuals increase the chances of the post being read and capture the viewers\’ attention.

5. Add A Little Animation


With so many posts on social media daily, a little animation may help your creatives to stand out among the others. 

Visually captivating animation or fun short videos can stick to the user\’s memory and steal their hearts. It would encourage the users to share the content and also drive more traffic to the brand\’s social profile.

6. Pair Your Visual With A Nice Caption


Although visuals are of primary focus on social media, the brands should remember that captions are an essential part of marketing too.

Whether your goal for social media is to grow brand awareness, increase engagements, get new followers, or drive sales, you need a powerful caption that can help you add context to your posts, build relationships through meaningful storytelling, and even expand your reach. 

7. Keep The Text Minimal


When we say to keep the text minimal, it\’s for the text within your visuals and not the captions.

One could process the image easily and quickly rather than text. So, your visual content must be able to deliver the message without the need for viewers to read the text. Because, if your visual content has too much text the users are not going to stop to read it, they will keep scrolling.

So, keep a short and direct statement in your post that would easily deliver the message instead of writing too many sentences.

8. Use High-Resolution Images Only


Low-quality or messy imagery will make it seem like you lack style, professionality, or real interest in what your company has to offer. This will reflect poorly on your brand.

Whereas, a high-quality image, one that looks professional and conveys the right message is more memorable and more shareable. It will support you in building your brand, make your brand look more appealing, and attract more attention.

Implement these best effective tips for your visual content in social media to get more reach and appease your audience. To get professional help in creating your visual content click here.

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