The Ultimate Guide for Using Hashtags on Social Media

By Unnati Shah Hashtags are an important marking or tagging method for distinguishing networking site and microblogging material but also community information. For example, Paytm has won a tremendous presence in India with some of its attractive call-to – action ads called #PaytmKaro. Hashtag strategy is focused on following the current phenomenon underlying real-time social...
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Marketing funnels

How Funnel Marketing can help your business

– By Evita Godinho There are lots of discussions around the marketing funnels today. From whether it’s even important to the customer buying process to who controls it, whether it’s the marketing or the sales team? First, let’s put in place a simple funnel structure, so we can handle these issues better. What is a...
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Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is constantly growing during the past years. Increase in technologies and developments are shaping the future.
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