10 Steps to Successfully Develop Your Brand Strategy

Many falsely think that a brand strategy is limited to designing a nice logo or creating a catchy tagline, font families, and color palette for their website and package. That couldn’t be further from the truth! In reality, there’s more to developing and implementing creative branding ideas so that you can build a brand image...
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Strategies to Grow your E-Commerce Website

8 Top Strategies to Grow Your E-commerce Website

Covid-19 has impacted and altered our lives in different ways. The pandemic along with Covid-19 waves has brought a new wave of online companies that has led to a boom in the e-commerce business. Some brand new and some who have been forced to pivot just to survive. These challenging times of extreme change and...
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Email Design

The Ultimate Guide to Email Design and 10 Best Practices

Want to discover how email design can help you effectively reach your target audience, boost conversions, and build long-term relationships with prospects and customers? By 2022, the number of email users around the world is expected to hit 4.3 billion. Among these users are members of your target audience, that you can work to reach...
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Top 10 Camera Hacks To Instantly Boost Up Your Smartphone Photography Game

Do you want to make your photographs stand out? From capturing dreamy portraits to changing the form of the bokeh, try these 10 unique and innovative camera hacks that will help you to take stunning images in no time! 1. Want to shoot macro images? Use a water droplet on the lens of your phone...
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Industry 4.0

How to overcome barriers to Industry 4.0 adoption

-Rohan Tiwary Ease of doing business for MSMEs: In order to achieve more sustainable development and quicker poverty alleviation, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) need to be part of this transformation as the pandemic induces a gradual change towards automation. The spread of the Coronavirus caught digitally unschooled enterprises on the back foot. Industrial...
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How To Re-Engage Inactive Customers

-Evita Godinho The synergies that fuelled the machines of the industrial world are changing through all domains. Even as social media and the Internet begin to put people together together in a close-knit capitalist superstructure—development exacerbated by technical intervention—brands have to contend with an inescapable reality. Given the attempts you may make to attract and...
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design systems

Empowering Marketing Teams with Design Systems

-Rohan Tiwary Design systems are typically thought of as bridging the gap between designers and developers. But there’s a problem with that statement: Why leave marketers out? Your website is your best marketing tool. It only makes sense for marketers to be directly involved in building it, right? This is why we need to build...
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Micro-Moment Marketing

Micro-Moment Marketing: What Is It and Why Use It?

-Evita Godinho The development and universal proliferation of smartphones and tablets, as well as the general progress of technology, have resulted in a new form of marketing — micro-moment marketing. What is micro-moment marketing, and why does it matter? Keep reading to find out! What is micro-moment marketing? According to Google, micro-moment marketing centres around...
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Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation And Why Is It Valuable?

-Riya Sen Marketing Automation involves the use of software to automate marketing. Many marketing departments automate routine activities – not just for productive reasons, but to have a more personal experience for clients – such as e-mail marketing, social media sharing and even ad campaigns. It supports these activities. Why is marketing automation valuable? Lead...
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computational marketing

What is Computational Marketing?

-Evita Godinho Computational marketing is an emerging field that uses computing power to support marketing strategies. Computing is a means to provide structure and purpose to blocks of information that are too big for someone to study. Online experiences produce massive quantities of user knowledge. Everything from your Facebook page to your search history makes...
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