Basic Web Development


  • Course Type: Weekday Course
  • Duration: 18 hours, One Month
  • EMI option available
  • Later payment
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Course Overview
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This course is designed to help you learn the basics of HTML CSS Bootstrap & JavaScript/JQuery. In this course, you will learn all block-level and inline elements. Such as…

  • Heading elements
  • Formatting elements
  • Form elements

Then to put everything you learned into practice; you will build an amazing project called Landed which is basically a static landing page.

You will learn how to set up the project structure.

With the help of CSS, you will learn how to style your Html Structure and make your website or landing pages look as you want.

What we’re going to learn is some essential features of JavaScript/jQuery. By essential I don’t only mean basic but advanced too. JavaScript will bring life to your static pages and help you understand certain basics of coding.

Module 1
  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML4 vs. HTML5
  • Making your first HTML page
  • Tools to create HTML files
Module 2
  • Base HTML Tags
  • Paragraph Tags
  • Break Tags
  • Header Tags
  • Bold and Italic Tags
  • Ordered and unordered Lists
  • Image Tags
Module 3
  • Difference between Absolute Links and Relative Links
  • Hyperlinking to an external page
  • Hyperlinking to an email address
  • Hyperlinking to a file in your site
  • Playing and Controlling Audio
  • Playing and Controlling Video
Module 4
  • What is CSS? Why we need it?
  • What’s new in CSS3
  • CSS Selectors, properties and attributes
  • ID Selectors
  • Class Selectors
  • Element Selectors
  • All Selectors
Module 5
  • Inline style sheets
  • External Style sheets
  • The Box model
  • Adding Color
  • Working with fonts
  • Background images
Module 6
  • Styling ID tags
  • Float and Clear
  • Block and inline elements
  • Positioning
  • Adding the elements
Module 7
  • Why Bootstrap?
  • Downloading Bootstrap
  • Adding Bootstrap in your site
  • Creating the navigation
  • Styling images
  • Creating the footer
  • Adding styled buttons
Module 8
  • What is jQuery and what you will learn?
  • Downloading jQuery
  • A first look at jQuery code
  • Selectors and Filters
  • Replacing contents
  • Handling events
Module 9
  • Hide/Show Events
  • Fading
  • Slide
  • Toggle
  • Animate
  • Selectors
  • Filters
Module 10
  • Advanced Selectors
  • Creating Content
  • Creating Content: Part 2
  • Inserting content
  • Modifying content
  • Modifying CSS
  • Final thoughts

  • Individuals with a background in traditional marketing
  • College freshers who wish to explore HTML skills
  • Mid level managers who want to grow within their organization
  • Decision makers of their business who want to get work done through an expert
  • On-break professionals who plan to skill-up and be ready for their next assignment
  • Individuals & teams who want to start their own digital marketing business.

Reasons You Should Do This Course!
  • Get in-depth knowledge about every topic
  • Getting practical industry experience
  • Save time and money by building your website
  • Improve career by acquiring a new set of skills
  • You can use your skills to build your own websites and web applications
  • Get into the profitable tech industry