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  • Duration: 30 hours, 1 Month
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Course Overview
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This course is specifically designed for business professionals who have specific needs on the digital space. One on one training session on your brand helps you to strategize and build it. Learn what gives your business the digital curve and be ahead of your competition. The curriculum is flexible and designed to suit the learner’s requirement

Digital Marketing Introduction

This module will introduce you to conducting digital research, setting business objectives for digital campaigns and preparing the foundation for developing a targeted marketing Strategy

  • Inbound marketing
  • Principles of Digital Marketing
  • Developing objectives
  • Digital research
Website Development

This Module will explore how to Build and Publish a well-designed, high performing, and optimized website that is aligned with your business goals.

  • Introduction to Website Development
  • Web designing and Content
  • Domain Name & Hosting Plan Explained
  • Creating Web Pages
  • Creating Links, Images & Formatting
  • Web Development Tools
  • Publishing a Basic Website
  • Optimizing the Website
  • Measure
Web Analytics

The Analytics module will help you understand the basic concepts of using analytics in digital marketing from initial setup to reporting

  • Introduction of Web Analytics
  • Set-up Goals and Segments
  • Define segmentation and benchmarking
  • Measuring Objectives and Outcomes
  • Analyzing Google Analytics Report
  • Identify the challenges faced by businesses
  • Planning and managing the A/B and multivariate testing of pages
  • Schedule insightful reports to keep you updated on the progress of your website.
Search Engine Optimization

The SEO Module will help you build an organic search marketing strategy that brings the right kind of visitors to your website. It will help you boost conversions, stand out against competitors, and ensure the best ROI.

  • On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO
  • Areas that Need Optimization and How to Do It?
  • Text and Voice Search Optimization
  • Keyword Selection and Its Usage
  • Introduction to White, Grey, and Black Hat SEO Techniques
  • Overview and Setup of Google Search Console Areas of Off-Page SEO that Help in Establishing the Brand Name
  • Real-Time Analytics and Mouse Tracking Using Heatmap
  • Tools and Techniques to Improve Site Performance, User Experience, and SERP Ranking
Search Engine marketing

Pay-Per-Click campaigns using Google Ads, bid auctions, how to squeeze every drop of value out of paid search campaigns, the tracking of successful conversions, Google Analytics, and more – this is turbo-charged marketing practice with pinpoint precision.

  • Fundamentals of Paid Search
  • Fundamentals of Display and Video Advertising
  • Keyword Selection and Its Usage
  • Search and Display Campaign Creation and Conversion Tracking
  • Search Campaign Management
  • Paid Search Campaign Creation with Google Ads
  • A/B Testing and Monitoring the Experiment in Google AdWords
  • Setup of Remarketing Campaign in AdWords
  • Types of OTT Platforms and Monetization Options
  • Google Display Network and Video Ad Formats
  • Creating Display and Video Campaigns
  • Targeting Display and Video Campaigns
  • Measurement and Optimization
Content Marketing

This module will enable you to develop the knowledge and skills needed to plan and execute a content marketing strategy in a persona- oriented and data-driven way informed by business objectives, aligned with the buyer journey and overall marketing strategy

  • Importance of Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing Concepts
  • Ways to Develop Powerful and Engaging Content to Drive Business Growth
  • Research Techniques
  • Planning a long term content strategy
  • Generating Content Ideas
  • Create and Curate
  • Publishing Content
  • Optimization Strategies
  • Measure & Analyzing Content Performance
Social Media Marketing

This Module enables you to apply social media concepts and best practices to organic and paid marketing activities to run campaigns that yield ROI and meet business objectives,

  • Importance of Social Media Marketing
  • Creating a Social Media Strategy
  • Facebook Marketing Tips & Tricks
  • Instagram Marketing
  • LinkedIn and its Best Practices
  • Twitter Ads Campaign Creation and Analytics
  • Youtube Advertising
  • Quora Marketing and Its Best Practices
  • Quora Ads Campaign Creation
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Campaign concepts
  • Overview of Online Reputation Management (ORM)
Influencer Marketing

Learn to work effectively with influencers and identify the right influencers for your brand to get the most out of influencer relations. Integrate influencer activity with your social media, PR, SEO and community channels

  • Introduction to Influencer Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Understand the ladder of engagement to maximize your Influencer program
  • How to find the right Influencer for your brand
  • How to Engage Influencers
  • Identifying ways to increase your audience within your niche.
Email Marketing

This Module will teach you the fundamentals of email marketing and how to strategize your delivery plan to test, optimize and report on the performance of campaigns

  • Fundamentals of Email Marketing
  • Email Strategy and Tactics
  • Email Design
  • Campaign Delivery
  • Testing and Optimization
  • Marketing Optimization
Digital Marketing Strategy

This module uses the PROPEL planning model (Plan, Research, Optimize, Propose, Execute, and Learn) to teach you how to design complex, long-term digital marketing strategies that service marketing and commercial objectives.

  • Concepts
  • Practical Planning
  • Research & Identifying Audience
  • Defining Marketing Objectives
  • Prepare
  • Executing the Plan
  • Learn

  • Individuals with a background in traditional marketing
  • College freshers who wish to explore digital marketing skills
  • Mid level managers who want to grow within their organization
  • Decision makers of their business who want to get work done through an expert
  • On-break professionals who plan to skill-up and be ready for their next assignment
  • Individuals & teams who want to start their own digital marketing business.

Reasons You Should Do This Course!
  • Get in-depth knowledge about every topic
  • Getting practical industry experience
  • Save time and money by building your website
  • Improve career by acquiring a new set of skills

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